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Enduring brilliance in a broad selection of near colourless gems.

For ten years Charles & Colvard’s ongoing research to improve upon the original gemstone to create a whiter, brighter, finer grade of moissanite produced Charles & Colvard Forever Brilliant® gemstone, and is available in a broad selection of near-colourless gems.

Enduring brilliance in a broad selection of near-colourless gems.

Near-colourless Charles & Colvard Forever Brilliant® is visibly whiter, intensifying each gem’s brilliance and brightness in a broad selection or shapes and sizes. Forever Brilliant® is extremely versatile, a scintillating near-colourless gem in the G–H–I range, providing a tremendous opulence that will last forever.

Brilliance guaranteed to last forever.

Artfully crafted from silicon carbide, one of the hardest minerals in the world, Forever Brilliant® created by Charles & Colvard® is guaranteed to last forever. Each gem comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty ensuring that it will maintain its fire and brilliance, without ever fading.

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