Discover moissanite. The World’s Most Brilliant Gem®

Charles & Colvard® moissanite is available in two brilliant ranges

Forever One range, with stunning optical properties and delivers exceptional fire and brilliance. Available in colourless DEF and near colourless GHI.

Forever One is the premium brand of moissanite. These gems fall within the range of internally flawless to very slightly included. Such unparalleled clarity is only available from the silicon carbide material Charles & Colvard use to make their gemstones, which is manufactured through a patented process. The colour, or lack thereof, of these gems is impeccable and, the cuts of these stones are unmatched.

MOI CC range, exceptional fire, brilliance and sparkling radiance with unsurpassed beauty. Available in colourless DEF and near colourless GHI.

Moissanite by Charles & Colvard (MOI CC) is created from the same patented silicon carbide material that offers unparalleled clarity, Moissanite by Charles & Colvard is truly a revolutionary value. The distinction between Forever One and Moissanite by Charles & Colvard is made through Charles & Colvard’s applied expertise throughout the process, by closely evaluating clarity and cut, Charles & Colvard is able to determine which stones meet their exemplary standards for Forever One and those that bear the Moissanite by Charles & Colvard name. MOI CC stones meet the exemplary grading standards of Charles & Colvard’s inhouse GIA graduates.

The World’s Most Brilliant Gem®

Moissanite is a unique jewel with more fire, brilliance, and sparkling lustre than any other jewel or gemstone including a diamond. All moissanite is sold with a Charles & Colvard® Lifetime Warranty giving you the assurance that its sparkling fire and brilliance will never fade. Its beauty and brilliance is guaranteed to last forever. It will be every bit as beautiful, displaying its fire and brilliance for generations from the day you make your purchase.

Charles & Colvard prioritize environmental and ethical responsibility in the creation of their moissanite. The beauty and premium quality of their gems, paired with their commitment to their principles, makes Charles & Colvard moissanite a superior, sustainable and conflict-free gemstone.

Charles & Colvard created gems are the pinnacle of moissanite. The silicon carbide material used to make Charles & Colvard gemstones is manufactured through a patented process that results in unparalleled clarity. As the original creators of moissanite, Charles & Colvard have more than 20 years of experience cutting and polishing the moissanite gems.

It’s through progressive technology and relentless innovation that Charles & Colvard created its unique Revolutionary Cut™ specifications to maximize the fire and brilliance of these exceptional and rare gemstones.

Charles & Colvard is the original creator of moissanite. The process is lengthy, complicated and expensive, which limits the output—it takes two to three months for the creation of a single gem. Charles & Colvard’s manufacturing process and years of expertise in creating the gemstone currently makes them a leading source and global distributor of created moissanite.

Years of development have led to a rigorous process for the production of created moissanite, which follows exact specifications and very high standards of quality control. The Charles & Colvard warranty card and gemstone laser engraving certify that every gem is an original product manufactured in meticulously controlled facilities by highly skilled specialists.

Post production, all created moissanite undergoes stringent testing for quality and purity, along with numerous rounds of grading before being released for sale.